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Architectural Coatings

Making a natural ressource a natural beauty



Architectural Coatings

Wood Coatings 

Special coatings for everyday life

Wood is a popular substrate that creates natural living comfort and coziness. At BASF, we are well aware of the hot topics for exterior wood coatings and trim paints. We see ourselves as your commited partner to support you with exactly the right solutions for your needs.

Our comprehensive portfolio for exterior wood coatings and trim paints ranges from polymer dispersions, additives such as defoamers, eheology modifiers, pigment dispersing agents, slip and leveling aids to modern light stabilizers like UV absorbers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS). Understanding the interactions between these building blocks and drawing the right conclusions makes all the difference for giving you a competitive edge.

Our challenge

Our Challenge

The material wood has accompanied humankind for thousands of years and is today perhaps more topical than ever. Wood conveys security and naturalness, it unites traditional and modern aspects in architecture.

However, wood also places the highest demands on processing and finishing. Because it is a living material. It has to be protected and cared for so that it can unfold its full beauty.

Our mission

The Mission

We at BASF are here to support you holistically.

With our technical expertise and industry
know-how, we are constantly working on new
solutions and innovations to meet your needs:

Durability, workability, formulation latitude, sustainability and enabling a fast production process, we are prepared so you can perform.

Let’s make a natural resource, a natural beauty.

Best choice

Best Choice

Combine Acronal® EDGE 6283 and its hard version Acronal® 6327 with Dispex® CX 4231 and Tinuvin® 5333 DW for outstanding properties in terms of durability.

Best Choice
Wood Deco & Cladding

Best Choice

Combine Acronal® DS 6277 with Rheovis® PU 1331 and FoamStar® SI 2210 to achieve highly durable transparent to opaque wood coatings.